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I’ve Got chillie Chillies!

The rain has slowed down and we now have gusty winds with a chill attached to them. I visited a garden centre yesterday and was horrified to see their chilli plants at least 12” high!  Mine are struggling to get to 4”.  I think it must be because mine are cold and have stopped thinking […]

A look around my garden

A look around my garden including the ‘dodgy’ corner that every garden has! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvFvbBPyQmI

Getting going

I was given a garden centre voucher, which was lovely and enabled me to treat myself to something that I wouldn’t normally buy.  A ‘Burgen and Ball’ seed measuring stick!  It cost almost £20 which is a treat indeed. Because I have decided to sow in rows of 4’ this year instead of square feet, […]

I’ve been a lazy gardener!

After a long winter and not venturing into the garden very much, I have found it hard this year to get myself motivated again.  Does that sound familiar? But once the sun came out and Mark mowed the lawn, I could smell spring in the air and I got up from my comfy chair and […]

Excuse me, do you work here? Update

Do you remember me talking about accosting innocent customers in garden centres and asking them gardening questions? I approached a man back in May, who I thought was an employee but was, like me a customer. But he kindly put my mind at rest about my puny leeks. Well, he was right. I didn’t need […]

Fresh tomato pasta sauce

For this recipe I used home grown tomatoes, basil mint leaves, onions and garlic!  How fab is that?! 2lb fresh tomatoes – skinned. 2 table spoons olive oil 3 medium size onions 2 or 3 cloves garlic 12 leaves of fresh basil A wedge of fresh parmesan Salt and pepper 2 tablespoons Crème fraiche Drop […]

Keep on sowing … keep on growing

We have had lots of rain overnight and I’ve decided to have a slow start to the day as it’s grey outside. So with a hot mug of coffee in hand and not a child in the house washed!  I sat down with my ‘Marhsalls’ catalogue and read the heading ‘keep on sowing, keep on […]

HOT! HOT! Hampton Court

What a week to pick for Hampton Court Flower Show.  The weather just got hotter and hotter. I had taken sun dresses and lots of sun cream just in case the forecast was correct, but you never know do you? The Access Garden Products stand was the nicest I have ever seen.  They received a […]

I’m off to Hampton Court Flower Show

The weather forecast sounds ok so I’ve packed my sun dresses and rain coat! Hampton Court is a lovely show as you can buy plants there. I want to visit Jekka McVicar who specialises in herbs. I want to change my first 4′ by 4′ raised bed into a herb bed in a pattern that […]

My new daily routine

When I wake up – after my spine tingling drink of Aloe and then a cup of tea, I have a new routine. I told the kids – first come first served with the strawberries. If they are red and ready – pick them and eat them. So now I pull of my dressing gown […]