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No time for housework!

You turn your back for just a few days and everything in the garden seems to double in size! I went to Malvern on Thursday afternoon to find my way ready to be on the Access Garden Products stand at Malvern Spring Show on Friday morning. Such a lovely day I had talking to lots […]

No point crying over spilt milk or missing potatoes

Every morning I walk through to the kitchen sleepy eyed and open the blind and check out my chitting potatoes.  I had put them on a low table by the patio door.  It’s nice and light there, not too hot and as we aren’t opening the doors at the moment, so they aren’t in the […]

Lots of like minded people and a condescending comment!

Even though we had been to Evesham the night before to a family party and didn’t get home ’til 1am, I woke up excited to be going to the ‘Potato Day’ with Sue. She had text me to say she was putting on her potato picking clothes, so taking her at face value, I pulled […]

A confidence dip!

I had another blonde moment the other day. When the guys from Access Garden Frames came to fit the polythene cover, I looked surprised and said ‘I thought it would be green!’ Was I thinking of green houses? I don’t know! But it’s opaque and of course will let the sunlight in. I knew that! […]

Chitting Potatoes

By this time in January you can really start to see that the dawn is breaking just that bit earlier every day and by 5pm the sun is setting. Feeling full of cold and going hot and cold (is this what ‘man flu’ is like??) I dosed myself up with everything and went out in […]