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Excuse me, do you work here? Update

Do you remember me talking about accosting innocent customers in garden centres and asking them gardening questions? I approached a man back in May, who I thought was an employee but was, like me a customer. But he kindly put my mind at rest about my puny leeks. Well, he was right. I didn’t need […]

Potato Salad

A pan full of new potatoes A bunch of spring onions 1 avocado 3 eggs – preferably free range – hard boiled for 10 mins. Mayonnaise Salt and pepper Chives – a handful A little olive oil 1 lemon Cook the potatoes until cooked. Drain and let dry out. Cut the spring onions into little […]


I just love being British!  As soon as the sun comes out, we’re out there in it!  Sitting in it and barbequing in it, just in case it doesn’t last long. The garden is paying back our efforts ten fold, looking so lovely.  My peonie which I mentioned purchasing at considerable cost is in bud!  […]

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a day I had promised to myself as the day to sow more seeds and tidy up the garden – along with enjoying being with my family and friends. Mark had decided to scarify the lawn, (for those who don’t know about this strange pass time, you rake the lawn to remove […]

A Good Friday allotment rule – apparently.

I have had a text from my friend Tess to say that allotment growers always plant their chitted potatoes on Good Friday. I don’t know if this is true, but it motivated me to plant my ‘Rocket’ potatoes in the raised bed with the polythene cover over it. My favourite film of all time is […]

No point crying over spilt milk or missing potatoes

Every morning I walk through to the kitchen sleepy eyed and open the blind and check out my chitting potatoes.  I had put them on a low table by the patio door.  It’s nice and light there, not too hot and as we aren’t opening the doors at the moment, so they aren’t in the […]

Copper garden tools – science versus hippy.

It’s been my day off today and I met my friend Sue (you will know her as the most glamorous potato picker). We visited Access Garden Products on the way to having lunch to definitely decide which raised bed and frame she wanted.  She has chosen a 3 tier 6 ft X 4 ft raised […]

Lots of like minded people and a condescending comment!

Even though we had been to Evesham the night before to a family party and didn’t get home ’til 1am, I woke up excited to be going to the ‘Potato Day’ with Sue. She had text me to say she was putting on her potato picking clothes, so taking her at face value, I pulled […]

Chitting Potatoes

By this time in January you can really start to see that the dawn is breaking just that bit earlier every day and by 5pm the sun is setting. Feeling full of cold and going hot and cold (is this what ‘man flu’ is like??) I dosed myself up with everything and went out in […]

Warming up my bed!

WARMING UP MY BED! We have a covering of snow here in Crick, but not as much as the rest of the country it seems from the news. I took the dogs out first thing this morning up to the canal that surrounds our village and it was beautiful.  They kept having to stop to […]