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A look around my garden

A look around my garden including the ‘dodgy’ corner that every garden has! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvFvbBPyQmI

Update – Chinese Lanterns

My little seedlings are still alive! Always a good sign, when gardening. There is little hope once they are died. I have been given two pieces of advice when sowing and potting on seedlings. 1. The roots compete for the space so place them individually or else you could lose the lot. 2. The stronger […]

Anne discussing Chinese Lanterns


Guide to Mini greenhouse growing

A mini greenhouse is a great addition to any garden, with the extra protection of growing under glass allowing a much wider variety of plants to be raised, and the growing season to be greatly extended. A mini greenhouse also gives so much more control over your garden, allowing you to over-winter your favourite plants, […]

Strawberries galore

After the success I had with the strawberries I grew inside my small frame 4’ X 4’ on the raised bed this year, I decided to go big time strawberries for next year. I took delivery of a very beautiful 8’ x 4’ cold frame in ‘ivory’ from Access Garden Products which is sitting on […]

Southport Flower Show

This week sees the start of ‘Southport Flower Show’. From the 19th – 22nd August. This brings back many many happy memories for me. Having lived out my teenage years in Southport with a fantastic bunch of friends. I remember visiting the Flower Show which is well worth doing and losing my Grandad! Of course, […]

All grown up and ready to pick….

I think I must be the only person alive who prefers the watching and waiting and tidiness of young plants and seedlings to the grown up ready to pick stage. I know this is what it’s all about, picking and eating, which is lovely.  But I can’t wait now to cut down the tomato plants […]

Picked my first tomatoes…

So exciting and the smell of them was fantastic when I opened the mini greenhouse door… It’s a smell from my childhood when I helped water my Dad’s tomatoes. Not all of them are ready, I have a fantastic display of green ones all different shapes and sizes. The ones I have picked are called […]

Taking stock of what has and hasn’t grown

Looking around the show gardens at Hampton Court made me realise what a beginner I really am. My inexperience has made me lose plants and harvest because I should have been on top of them a bit more…Why do I say this? I should have cut back tomatoes more and not let them ‘do their […]

I’m off to Hampton Court Flower Show

The weather forecast sounds ok so I’ve packed my sun dresses and rain coat! Hampton Court is a lovely show as you can buy plants there. I want to visit Jekka McVicar who specialises in herbs. I want to change my first 4′ by 4′ raised bed into a herb bed in a pattern that […]