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New 6′ Growhouse

To add to the success of the 4′ long Access Growhouse, we have now added a 6′ long Growhouse, providing even more growing space in a compact area. The Growhouse is 6′ 0″ (1.83m) long; 2′ 2″ (0.65m) deep and 4′ 11″ (1.49m) high and is designed to be completely free-standing. The 6′ long Growhouse […]

Gardening with Anne – March

Once you have your Mini greenhouse or Cold Frame, what are you going to grow in it? If you aren’t a very experienced gardener, then follow Anne through the year as she provides some hints and tips about getting the most out of our Access Mini greenhouses, Cold Frames and Cloches. Anne often helps us […]

Glass backs for Mini greenhouses

Our Mini greenhouses are designed for the keen gardener with a small garden. They take up a minimal amount of space and are generally fitted to a wall. But what happens if you do not have a suitable wall or the wall you do have is very rough? In this case there are a number […]

7 unique features of the Classic Mini greenhouse

Mini greenhouses are ideal for the gardener who does not have the room for a full sized greenhouse. Access mini greenhouses have a number of unique features. Unique ventilation system Greenhouses are generally purchased to over-winter more delicate plants and bring on seedlings in the Spring. One disadvantage of traditional greenhouses is their lack of […]

Lean-to Mini greenhouse – so much better than plastic!

Lots of people purchase the zip-up plastic mini greenhouses from the supermarkets, but once these rip or blow away start they looking for something better! You need look no further than the Access Lean to Mini greenhouse. Designed to last a lifetime the Value Mini greenhouse is manufactured in the UK from sturdy aluminium and […]

2 degrees outside – 22 degrees inside

Last week I fitted a new ‘wireless’ max/min thermometer into the Mini greenhouse outside. I wanted to keep a close eye on things as I have got young Peppers, Chillies and Courgettes growing in there. The Mini greenhouse has an electric fan heater to provide frost protection, but the power of the ‘greenhouse’ effect really came home […]

Snow problem

Although the recent snow we had in the Midlands is nothing like the depths of snow regularly seen in the North of England and Scotland, this photo shows just how snug the plants are inside the Mini greenhouse. By using toughened safety glass, which is very strong and rigid, we can be confident that the Mini greenhouses […]

Toughened Safety Glass

Glass has been the traditional glazing material for greenhouses since Victorian times. Many people ask why, in this modern age, we still use glass? There are a number of reasons. First of all the optical clarity of glass is superior to plastics and it is far more resistant to scratching – making it much easier […]

Whose Been Eating My Plants?

You go to all the trouble of buying seeds, sowing them in the right compost at the right temperature and give them your love and attention for months and then….. Something starts nibbling the leaves.  You can’t see it, but it’s plainly there! And sometimes, it’s too late and your beautiful baby plants has been […]

I’ve Got chillie Chillies!

The rain has slowed down and we now have gusty winds with a chill attached to them. I visited a garden centre yesterday and was horrified to see their chilli plants at least 12” high!  Mine are struggling to get to 4”.  I think it must be because mine are cold and have stopped thinking […]