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Excuse me, do you work here? Update

Do you remember me talking about accosting innocent customers in garden centres and asking them gardening questions? I approached a man back in May, who I thought was an employee but was, like me a customer. But he kindly put my mind at rest about my puny leeks. Well, he was right. I didn’t need […]

Fresh tomato pasta sauce

For this recipe I used home grown tomatoes, basil mint leaves, onions and garlic!  How fab is that?! 2lb fresh tomatoes – skinned. 2 table spoons olive oil 3 medium size onions 2 or 3 cloves garlic 12 leaves of fresh basil A wedge of fresh parmesan Salt and pepper 2 tablespoons Crème fraiche Drop […]

Think herbs – think Jekka McVicar

The first raised bed which measures 4’ x 4’ is now empty of onions and cabbage. It’s nearest the house and is just begging to be a pretty herb bed.  I love to see an organised herb bed displaying lots of beautiful varieties and colours. Over breakfast at Hampton Court, I said to my colleague […]

My new daily routine

When I wake up – after my spine tingling drink of Aloe and then a cup of tea, I have a new routine. I told the kids – first come first served with the strawberries. If they are red and ready – pick them and eat them. So now I pull of my dressing gown […]

Potato Salad

A pan full of new potatoes A bunch of spring onions 1 avocado 3 eggs – preferably free range – hard boiled for 10 mins. Mayonnaise Salt and pepper Chives – a handful A little olive oil 1 lemon Cook the potatoes until cooked. Drain and let dry out. Cut the spring onions into little […]

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a day I had promised to myself as the day to sow more seeds and tidy up the garden – along with enjoying being with my family and friends. Mark had decided to scarify the lawn, (for those who don’t know about this strange pass time, you rake the lawn to remove […]

Spring forward into spring.

Have you, like me waited patiently for today when the clocks spring forward and we can officially think of spring and summer and be glad that we survived what turned out to be a very long and hard winter? I have just wandered around my garden taking stock of what has survived and what didn’t […]

Lemon Cake

This is the easiest and most delicious cake I have ever made.  I have given them as presents when they are still warm and then it tastes like lemon pancakes! Oven temp 180°C 1 round cake tin with a greased proof paper insert in it. (You can get them from Lakeland on line). Weigh 3 […]

Shake off the winter blues – Lamb Tagine recipe.

Have you had enough of winter? This has been a long winter with so much cold weather.  Even the kids of fed up with the snow and just want some warmer weather to get outside on their bikes.  All I want to do is get outside and start planting! Spring really is within touching distance […]

The promised recipe – memories of getting Alan for my birthday.

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie. Brownie 200g dark chocolate, roughly chopped 200g unsalted butter 250g icing sugar 3 eggs 110g plain flour Cheesecake 400g cream cheese 150g icing sugar ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 2 eggs Cream Topping 300ml whipping cream 100g icing sugar 150g raspberries Plus extra to decorate A 33 x 23 x 5cam baking tray […]