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Strawberries galore

After the success I had with the strawberries I grew inside my small frame 4’ X 4’ on the raised bed this year, I decided to go big time strawberries for next year. I took delivery of a very beautiful 8’ x 4’ cold frame in ‘ivory’ from Access Garden Products which is sitting on […]

Think herbs – think Jekka McVicar

The first raised bed which measures 4’ x 4’ is now empty of onions and cabbage. It’s nearest the house and is just begging to be a pretty herb bed.  I love to see an organised herb bed displaying lots of beautiful varieties and colours. Over breakfast at Hampton Court, I said to my colleague […]

Taking stock of what has and hasn’t grown

Looking around the show gardens at Hampton Court made me realise what a beginner I really am. My inexperience has made me lose plants and harvest because I should have been on top of them a bit more…Why do I say this? I should have cut back tomatoes more and not let them ‘do their […]

HOT! HOT! Hampton Court

What a week to pick for Hampton Court Flower Show.  The weather just got hotter and hotter. I had taken sun dresses and lots of sun cream just in case the forecast was correct, but you never know do you? The Access Garden Products stand was the nicest I have ever seen.  They received a […]

I’m off to Hampton Court Flower Show

The weather forecast sounds ok so I’ve packed my sun dresses and rain coat! Hampton Court is a lovely show as you can buy plants there. I want to visit Jekka McVicar who specialises in herbs. I want to change my first 4′ by 4′ raised bed into a herb bed in a pattern that […]

Harvesting broad beans and garlic

I remember taking photos of tiny shoots of garlic poking through the snow back in that awful winter than still makes me shudder. It looked so vulnerable and delicate against everything that winter threw at it.  Yet it and its fellow garlic plants have not only survived the winter, they have grown into fabulously strong […]