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7 Unique Benefits of the Access Cold Frame

The Access Cold Frame has a wide variety of uses: bringing on early vegetables; hardening off young plants and providing protection for plants such as Alpines. Access Cold Frames have a number of unique benefits. Easy Access The company was named ‘Access’ in 1958 as the Cold Frames  have a unique sliding panel arrangement which […]

Update – Chinese Lanterns

My little seedlings are still alive! Always a good sign, when gardening. There is little hope once they are died. I have been given two pieces of advice when sowing and potting on seedlings. 1. The roots compete for the space so place them individually or else you could lose the lot. 2. The stronger […]

Anne discussing Chinese Lanterns


It’s February already!

I’ve plugged in my heated propagator and read my seed packets and it’s time to get cracking! I have treated my seeds to some ‘J Arthur Bowers’ seed and cutting compost.  £3.99 for 10 litres. I am also trying some ‘fibre pot strips’ which are like little plugs that each seed grows into and it […]

Strawberries from the Cold Frame!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who is juggling several fast spinning balls in the air during my day!  Life at the moment seems to be rushing by, but I know I need to get in my garden to de-stress, relax, smell the roses etc. But when?  That is my problem.  I’ve watched  ‘Jamie […]

Getting going

I was given a garden centre voucher, which was lovely and enabled me to treat myself to something that I wouldn’t normally buy.  A ‘Burgen and Ball’ seed measuring stick!  It cost almost £20 which is a treat indeed. Because I have decided to sow in rows of 4’ this year instead of square feet, […]

I’ve been a lazy gardener!

After a long winter and not venturing into the garden very much, I have found it hard this year to get myself motivated again.  Does that sound familiar? But once the sun came out and Mark mowed the lawn, I could smell spring in the air and I got up from my comfy chair and […]

Excuse me, do you work here? Update

Do you remember me talking about accosting innocent customers in garden centres and asking them gardening questions? I approached a man back in May, who I thought was an employee but was, like me a customer. But he kindly put my mind at rest about my puny leeks. Well, he was right. I didn’t need […]

Strawberries galore

After the success I had with the strawberries I grew inside my small frame 4’ X 4’ on the raised bed this year, I decided to go big time strawberries for next year. I took delivery of a very beautiful 8’ x 4’ cold frame in ‘ivory’ from Access Garden Products which is sitting on […]

Slate backed moth!

I visited Malvern Autumn Show last Sunday and helped Jane on the Implementations copper tool stand. It was lovely to meet lots of fellow copper tool users who have had amazing results using copper tools and as I listened to Jane explain why she thinks they work so well, I learned so much. She talked […]