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Midi greenhouse – the versatile all-rounder

Launched at the RHS Tatton Flower Show the Midi Growhouse is the latest addition to our popular Growhouse range. Standing at 3′ 11″ (1.17m) high, the Midi Growhouse provides plenty of growing height for taller crops. The extra height also provides more headroom on the adjustable seed tray shelves. The Growhouse is ideal for starting […]

Early Lettuce under an Access Cloche

This year we decided to do an experiment to see how much difference the Access Salad Cloche made to growing early lettuce. Two salad beds were prepared, one covered with the Access cloche and the other left uncovered. To give the outdoor planted lettuces a chance, we delayed planting the lettuce seedlings until 24th February. […]

Access Salad Cloche

Ever dreamed of having a ready supply of fresh salads or herbs just outside the kitchen door? The Access Salad Cloche provides a small protected area for growing your favourite herbs and salads. The timber base is designed to stand on a patio and be filled with compost. Into this base salad crops and herbs can […]

Glass Dome Bell Cloches

Glass Bell Cloches are ideal for protecting delicate plants or herbs in the border of the garden, or for bringing on salad crops such as lettuce during the Winter months. The cloche can be placed over the plant at night and removed in the day, or a piece of wood can be placed under the […]

First Punnet of Strawberries – 16th May

This year the first strawberries were ready for picking on the 16th May – just in time to go down to Chelsea Flower Show! What better way to celebrate the start of Summer than with a bowl of delicious home-grown strawberries and cream! The Cold Frames use real glass (toughened for safety) which, unlike plastic, […]

Tomato Houses

Delicious home-grown tomatoes – there’s nothing quite like them! Superb Ventilation Tomatoes need warmth and sunshine to thrive but in a traditional, poorly ventilated, Tomato House or Greenhouse, Tomatoes can actually become too hot and become heat stressed! The Access Tomato House is different, as it provides superbly controllable ventilation – just a tiny amount […]

Access Glass Garden Cloche

Victorian Kitchen Gardeners knew the value of growing under glass, and created long tunnel cloches to ensure crops were as early as possible. They understood that glass traps heat from the sun, warming the soil and plants growing directly beneath it. In fact even today glass is far superior than clear plastics at trapping the […]

Timber Raised Beds

Access manufacture a range of pressure treated timber raised beds for the gardener. Raised bed growing has a number of benefits over growing directly in the earth. If the soil is of poor quality, very heavy or not very well drained, then the raised bed allows organic material to be mixed in with the existing […]

2 degrees outside – 22 degrees inside

Last week I fitted a new ‘wireless’ max/min thermometer into the Mini greenhouse outside. I wanted to keep a close eye on things as I have got young Peppers, Chillies and Courgettes growing in there. The Mini greenhouse has an electric fan heater to provide frost protection, but the power of the ‘greenhouse’ effect really came home […]

Durable Aluminium Framework

All Access Mini greenhouses and Cold Frames are manufactured in the UK using extrusions manufactured from architectural grade aluminium (6063-T6). Architectural aluminium is not pure aluminium but is a stronger and more durable alloy, typically used in buildings where a long life is required. The aluminium has Magnesium, Silicon and small amounts of Titanium, Copper […]