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Whose Been Eating My Plants?

You go to all the trouble of buying seeds, sowing them in the right compost at the right temperature and give them your love and attention for months and then….. Something starts nibbling the leaves.  You can’t see it, but it’s plainly there! And sometimes, it’s too late and your beautiful baby plants has been […]

Comparing seedling growth with and without a Cloche

See just how much difference a Cloche makes to early Spring planting with this video from Anne’s Garden. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iCrNu05NZk

Taking stock of what has and hasn’t grown

Looking around the show gardens at Hampton Court made me realise what a beginner I really am. My inexperience has made me lose plants and harvest because I should have been on top of them a bit more…Why do I say this? I should have cut back tomatoes more and not let them ‘do their […]

HOT! HOT! Hampton Court

What a week to pick for Hampton Court Flower Show.  The weather just got hotter and hotter. I had taken sun dresses and lots of sun cream just in case the forecast was correct, but you never know do you? The Access Garden Products stand was the nicest I have ever seen.  They received a […]

I want instant results!

This is one of my worst failings!  Now that the sun is shining, the mini greenhouses are as warm as toast and I’ve trays and trays of seeds in compost and vermiculite – I want to see them sprouting.  This is a good lesson in life for me.  Some things take time and they are […]

Copper tools, sowing seeds and weeding.

On a sunny morning we decided to head for Nuneaton to buy our new copper garden tools from Implementations. We arrived at Nigel and Jane’s house to a warm welcome and were invited into their work room full of tools in the process of being finished. We enjoyed a coffee together and I chose 2 […]