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RHS – Tatton Flower Show

I’ve just heard that the BBC has filmed one of the frames on the Access Garden Products stand at Tatton Flower Show. It will be shown at 8 pm Friday evening on BBC 2! This is a programme dedicated to Tatton Flower Show and is on just before Gardeners World. Carol Klein is discussing the […]

Taking stock of what has and hasn’t grown

Looking around the show gardens at Hampton Court made me realise what a beginner I really am. My inexperience has made me lose plants and harvest because I should have been on top of them a bit more…Why do I say this? I should have cut back tomatoes more and not let them ‘do their […]

HOT! HOT! Hampton Court

What a week to pick for Hampton Court Flower Show.  The weather just got hotter and hotter. I had taken sun dresses and lots of sun cream just in case the forecast was correct, but you never know do you? The Access Garden Products stand was the nicest I have ever seen.  They received a […]

June is bursting out all over – sounds like a song!

My computer has been broken and I have felt like I was missing my right arm.  So sorry for not updating my blog for so long. And so much has grown and happened. We have eaten the most delicious strawberries ever tasted!!  No, no exaggeration there at all.  They really were.  I’m talking about the […]

Confidence building – with grateful thanks

If you have never experienced walking into your garden, picking your dinner, 15 minutes later you’re sitting eating food that is so fresh it still squeaks – you are missing a treat. I hope I never lose the feeling I am getting when I pick a lettuce, or throw my home grown Kale to my […]

Chelsea Flower Show.

For me, Chelsea Flower Show is my favourite of the shows because it is like an parallel universe in the middle of the hussle and bussle that is London. You enter the gates into a world of beautiful gardens that look like they have always been there. It’s amazing to see what can be created […]

No time for housework!

You turn your back for just a few days and everything in the garden seems to double in size! I went to Malvern on Thursday afternoon to find my way ready to be on the Access Garden Products stand at Malvern Spring Show on Friday morning. Such a lovely day I had talking to lots […]

One small step for an experienced gardener

Do you remember all those months I wrote all kinds of things on this blog whilst it snowed and snowed?  Well for the last 10 days, it’s been sun sun sun!  So very lovely and my seedlings are looking like plants! I fit this gardening lark into pockets of time in between what is becoming […]

Spring forward into spring.

Have you, like me waited patiently for today when the clocks spring forward and we can officially think of spring and summer and be glad that we survived what turned out to be a very long and hard winter? I have just wandered around my garden taking stock of what has survived and what didn’t […]

Spring Cleaning my Mini-greenhouse and the Price of Veg!

Once you have three children, two dogs and numerous chickens, any hopes of having a clean and tidy house are long forgotten. I used to have an immaculate house – pre-children, but I’d rather have the kids and a messy family home. But that apparently is no excuse for not spring cleaning my mini greenhouse […]