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Growing with Raised Beds

January and February are an ideal time to add raised beds to the garden, as everything is dormant, and there aren’t many other jobs to be done. Before installing the raised beds, the ground needs to be cleared and the site levelled. If you want to have a row of raised beds you might like […]

First Punnet of Strawberries – 16th May

This year the first strawberries were ready for picking on the 16th May – just in time to go down to Chelsea Flower Show! What better way to celebrate the start of Summer than with a bowl of delicious home-grown strawberries and cream! The Cold Frames use real glass (toughened for safety) which, unlike plastic, […]

Durable Aluminium Framework

All Access Mini greenhouses and Cold Frames are manufactured in the UK using extrusions manufactured from architectural grade aluminium (6063-T6). Architectural aluminium is not pure aluminium but is a stronger and more durable alloy, typically used in buildings where a long life is required. The aluminium has Magnesium, Silicon and small amounts of Titanium, Copper […]

7 Unique Benefits of the Access Cold Frame

The Access Cold Frame has a wide variety of uses: bringing on early vegetables; hardening off young plants and providing protection for plants such as Alpines. Access Cold Frames have a number of unique benefits. Easy Access The company was named ‘Access’ in 1958 as the Cold Frames  have a unique sliding panel arrangement which […]

Snow problem

Although the recent snow we had in the Midlands is nothing like the depths of snow regularly seen in the North of England and Scotland, this photo shows just how snug the plants are inside the Mini greenhouse. By using toughened safety glass, which is very strong and rigid, we can be confident that the Mini greenhouses […]

Toughened Safety Glass

Glass has been the traditional glazing material for greenhouses since Victorian times. Many people ask why, in this modern age, we still use glass? There are a number of reasons. First of all the optical clarity of glass is superior to plastics and it is far more resistant to scratching – making it much easier […]

Comparing seedling growth with and without a Cloche

See just how much difference a Cloche makes to early Spring planting with this video from Anne’s Garden. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iCrNu05NZk

Chilli success

Such is my chilli success that I’ve potted them on and have moved them into my main Access Frame that holds the same amount of plants as a 6’ x 4’ greenhouse. On frosty nights I have lit my 10 hour tea lights and sat them on a terracotta saucer with a terracotta pot over […]

Alpine Frames for RHS Harlow Carr

To provide additional space for their Alpine collection, Access have supplied a number of 8′ x ‘4 and 6′ x 4’ Cold Frames complete with louvre vents for extra ventilation. The sturdy Cold Frames are very popular amongst Alpine growers as their siding glass panels provide excellent ventilation of the Cold Frame, whilst keeping the […]

Southport Flower Show

This week sees the start of ‘Southport Flower Show’. From the 19th – 22nd August. This brings back many many happy memories for me. Having lived out my teenage years in Southport with a fantastic bunch of friends. I remember visiting the Flower Show which is well worth doing and losing my Grandad! Of course, […]