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Early Lettuce under an Access Cloche

This year we decided to do an experiment to see how much difference the Access Salad Cloche made to growing early lettuce. Two salad beds were prepared, one covered with the Access cloche and the other left uncovered. To give the outdoor planted lettuces a chance, we delayed planting the lettuce seedlings until 24th February. […]

Access Salad Cloche

Ever dreamed of having a ready supply of fresh salads or herbs just outside the kitchen door? The Access Salad Cloche provides a small protected area for growing your favourite herbs and salads. The timber base is designed to stand on a patio and be filled with compost. Into this base salad crops and herbs can […]

Glass Dome Bell Cloches

Glass Bell Cloches are ideal for protecting delicate plants or herbs in the border of the garden, or for bringing on salad crops such as lettuce during the Winter months. The cloche can be placed over the plant at night and removed in the day, or a piece of wood can be placed under the […]

Gardening with Anne – March

Once you have your Mini greenhouse or Cold Frame, what are you going to grow in it? If you aren’t a very experienced gardener, then follow Anne through the year as she provides some hints and tips about getting the most out of our Access Mini greenhouses, Cold Frames and Cloches. Anne often helps us […]

Access Cloches in RHS Wisley Herb Garden

The RHS garden at Wisley is one of the most spectacular gardening venues in the UK, with a huge variety of plants and trees from all around the world. A team of permanent gardeners and volunteers maintain the garden throughout the year. A number of areas are dedicated to practical growing ideas including the Model […]

Access Glass Garden Cloche

Victorian Kitchen Gardeners knew the value of growing under glass, and created long tunnel cloches to ensure crops were as early as possible. They understood that glass traps heat from the sun, warming the soil and plants growing directly beneath it. In fact even today glass is far superior than clear plastics at trapping the […]

Comparing seedling growth with and without a Cloche

See just how much difference a Cloche makes to early Spring planting with this video from Anne’s Garden. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iCrNu05NZk

A confidence dip!

I had another blonde moment the other day. When the guys from Access Garden Frames came to fit the polythene cover, I looked surprised and said ‘I thought it would be green!’ Was I thinking of green houses? I don’t know! But it’s opaque and of course will let the sunlight in. I knew that! […]

The First Taste of Spring Today.

By this time in January you can really start to see that the dawn is breaking just that bit earlier every day and by 5pm the sun is setting. Feeling full of cold and going hot and cold (is this what ‘man flu’ is like??) I dosed myself up with everything and went out in […]

Warming up my bed!

WARMING UP MY BED! We have a covering of snow here in Crick, but not as much as the rest of the country it seems from the news. I took the dogs out first thing this morning up to the canal that surrounds our village and it was beautiful.  They kept having to stop to […]