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Whose Been Eating My Plants?

You go to all the trouble of buying seeds, sowing them in the right compost at the right temperature and give them your love and attention for months and then….. Something starts nibbling the leaves.  You can’t see it, but it’s plainly there! And sometimes, it’s too late and your beautiful baby plants has been […]

A hopping chicken!

We have 6 chickens – all girls! One of them is the brains of the operation and we called her ‘Ginger’. The others seem to have very little brains and are all called ‘Dave’. Katie witnessed one of the Daves jumping from the roof of the hen house, which isn’t very far from the ground. […]

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a day I had promised to myself as the day to sow more seeds and tidy up the garden – along with enjoying being with my family and friends. Mark had decided to scarify the lawn, (for those who don’t know about this strange pass time, you rake the lawn to remove […]

Copper garden tools – science versus hippy.

It’s been my day off today and I met my friend Sue (you will know her as the most glamorous potato picker). We visited Access Garden Products on the way to having lunch to definitely decide which raised bed and frame she wanted.  She has chosen a 3 tier 6 ft X 4 ft raised […]

The First Taste of Spring Today.

By this time in January you can really start to see that the dawn is breaking just that bit earlier every day and by 5pm the sun is setting. Feeling full of cold and going hot and cold (is this what ‘man flu’ is like??) I dosed myself up with everything and went out in […]

Was this ladylike?

I have been listening to Chris Evans on Radio 2 in the morning.  He is so happy and positive – it’s been great to hear him. He gave two of his team eggs from his own chickens, but then said that they had stopped laying at the moment.  Within minutes a lady had emailed in […]