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Gardening with Anne – March

Once you have your Mini greenhouse or Cold Frame, what are you going to grow in it? If you aren’t a very experienced gardener, then follow Anne through the year as she provides some hints and tips about getting the most out of our Access Mini greenhouses, Cold Frames and Cloches. Anne often helps us […]

Chilli success

Such is my chilli success that I’ve potted them on and have moved them into my main Access Frame that holds the same amount of plants as a 6’ x 4’ greenhouse. On frosty nights I have lit my 10 hour tea lights and sat them on a terracotta saucer with a terracotta pot over […]

Strawberries from the Cold Frame!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who is juggling several fast spinning balls in the air during my day!  Life at the moment seems to be rushing by, but I know I need to get in my garden to de-stress, relax, smell the roses etc. But when?  That is my problem.  I’ve watched  ‘Jamie […]

I want instant results!

This is one of my worst failings!  Now that the sun is shining, the mini greenhouses are as warm as toast and I’ve trays and trays of seeds in compost and vermiculite – I want to see them sprouting.  This is a good lesson in life for me.  Some things take time and they are […]

A Good Friday allotment rule – apparently.

I have had a text from my friend Tess to say that allotment growers always plant their chitted potatoes on Good Friday. I don’t know if this is true, but it motivated me to plant my ‘Rocket’ potatoes in the raised bed with the polythene cover over it. My favourite film of all time is […]

Spring forward into spring.

Have you, like me waited patiently for today when the clocks spring forward and we can officially think of spring and summer and be glad that we survived what turned out to be a very long and hard winter? I have just wandered around my garden taking stock of what has survived and what didn’t […]

Copper garden tools – science versus hippy.

It’s been my day off today and I met my friend Sue (you will know her as the most glamorous potato picker). We visited Access Garden Products on the way to having lunch to definitely decide which raised bed and frame she wanted.  She has chosen a 3 tier 6 ft X 4 ft raised […]

Mini battles in our heads

Since starting this project I have had the pleasure of some fascinating conversations with people who know lots more than me about gardening and growing things. My Dad was a keen gardener who loved growing lilies. His garden is now my garden and I really wish now that I had listened to him more when […]

Getting some dirt under my nails

I have the morning to myself and after walking the dogs, I decided this was my time to get in the garden and make it look pretty. This of course really means weeding, putting old plant pots away and clearing up the horrible mess that dogs leave. But it’s all necessary. So I had my […]

I actually made it to the Garden Centre!

Delighted to find that I have a day off today. The kids have homework and want to chill, so I went with my lovely friend Julie to ‘Blooms’ near Rugby. It’s a huge garden centre and I think they have branches all over the country. Today, it wasn’t so much a garden centre and Santa’s […]