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First Punnet of Strawberries – 16th May

This year the first strawberries were ready for picking on the 16th May – just in time to go down to Chelsea Flower Show! What better way to celebrate the start of Summer than with a bowl of delicious home-grown strawberries and cream! The Cold Frames use real glass (toughened for safety) which, unlike plastic, […]

Tomato Houses

Delicious home-grown tomatoes – there’s nothing quite like them! Superb Ventilation Tomatoes need warmth and sunshine to thrive but in a traditional, poorly ventilated, Tomato House or Greenhouse, Tomatoes can actually become too hot and become heat stressed! The Access Tomato House is different, as it provides superbly controllable ventilation – just a tiny amount […]

Gardening with Anne – March

Once you have your Mini greenhouse or Cold Frame, what are you going to grow in it? If you aren’t a very experienced gardener, then follow Anne through the year as she provides some hints and tips about getting the most out of our Access Mini greenhouses, Cold Frames and Cloches. Anne often helps us […]

8 ft Growhouse – ideal for overflowing greenhouses

This 8′ long half height Growhouse has a glass back to enable it to stand anywhere, while ensuring light levels inside the Growhouse are maximised. It makes an ideal overflow area adjacent to an 8′ long Greenhouse, and the glass back will ensure plenty of light still enters the greenhouse. Seed tray shelves provide plenty […]

Tortoise Shelter – use a Cloche

It might be an unusual application, but our glass cloches also make a suitable shelter for a tortoise. Growers use cloches as the glass allows the sun’s rays to warm up the ground. In the same way, not only will the cloche give the tortoise some shelter from the elements, but the glass will allow […]

Glass backs for Mini greenhouses

Our Mini greenhouses are designed for the keen gardener with a small garden. They take up a minimal amount of space and are generally fitted to a wall. But what happens if you do not have a suitable wall or the wall you do have is very rough? In this case there are a number […]

Access Cloches in RHS Wisley Herb Garden

The RHS garden at Wisley is one of the most spectacular gardening venues in the UK, with a huge variety of plants and trees from all around the world. A team of permanent gardeners and volunteers maintain the garden throughout the year. A number of areas are dedicated to practical growing ideas including the Model […]

Access Glass Garden Cloche

Victorian Kitchen Gardeners knew the value of growing under glass, and created long tunnel cloches to ensure crops were as early as possible. They understood that glass traps heat from the sun, warming the soil and plants growing directly beneath it. In fact even today glass is far superior than clear plastics at trapping the […]

Brass Hose Fittings

These brass hose fittings are compatible with the popular Gardena and Hozelock type garden hose fittings, but are far sturdier. Manufactured in Italy these connectors come with a 3 year domestic use warranty and are manufactured to professional standards. Brass hose connectors Unlike plastic hose connectors these brass hose connectors won’t blow off, thanks to […]

7 unique features of the Classic Growhouse

The Access Classic Growhouse is designed to provide a sturdy growing structure in a compact space and is packed with a number of unique features. Unique ventilation system Greenhouses are generally purchased to over-winter more delicate plants and bring on seedlings in the Spring. One disadvantage of traditional greenhouses is their lack of ventilation, so […]