First Punnet of Strawberries – 16th May

Ripe strawberriesThis year the first strawberries were ready for picking on the 16th May – just in time to go down to Chelsea Flower Show! What better way to celebrate the start of Summer than with a bowl of delicious home-grown strawberries and cream!

The Cold Frames use real glass (toughened for safety) which, unlike plastic, traps the heat inside the greenhouse, aiding the ripening of the fruit. Being under glass increases the yields from the strawberries dramatically and also protects the fruit from birds and insects. By planting several varieties of strawberry cropping will take place throughout the Summer.

For more flexibility and also to make picking easier, we use 5l black plastic pots for the strawberries. This keeps the fruit clean and also the compost will warm up more quickly under the glass. Make sure the strawberries are kept well fed during the season, as this will also improve yields.