Glass backs for Mini greenhouses

Our Mini greenhouses are designed for the keen gardener with a small garden. They take up a minimal amount of space and are generally fitted to a wall. But what happens if you do not have a suitable wall or the wall you do have is very rough? In this case there are a number of options available.

Plywood Back

Exterior grade plywood is relatively inexpensive and can be easily cut to size – many DIY store will cut the large sheets to the size that you require. 12mm ply is suitable, but will need to be regularly treated to stop it rotting. Marine ply is much more durable and doesn’t need regular treatment, but is more expensive and more difficult to get hold of away from the coast.

Simply bolt the the ply onto the back of the mini greenhouse using the pre-punched fixing holes in the rear legs of the mini grenhouse. It is best to bolt the mini greenhouse to the ground to prevent it being blown over in high winds.

Timber Batten

If you have a suitable wall but the wall itself is rough – for example Cotswold stone walls, then the best thing is to make a timber ‘goal post’ shape from timber battens. These can be leveled and screwed to the wall and then any gaps filled in with either silicone spray or expanding foam. Once the battens are complete the mini greenhouse can be fixed back using wood screws.

Glass Back

The disadvantage of plywood or timber is the need to periodically treat the timber, plus the initial work needs some DIY skills. Another option is a glass back for the mini greenhouse. Although this is more expensive than timber, it does not need treatment and the mini greenhouse can be located anywhere in the garden. In addition light can enter the mini greenhouse through the back, making the entire greenhouse lighter.

The glass backs are fixed, ie. the glass panels at the back do not slide for ventilation, and simply bolts onto the main framework using the fixings provided. The mini greenhouse itself should be fixed down to prevent it blowing over in windy conditions – the glass back kit includes these ground fixings.