Access Glass Garden Cloche

Glass cloche for vegetable gardenVictorian Kitchen Gardeners knew the value of growing under glass, and created long tunnel cloches to ensure crops were as early as possible. They understood that glass traps heat from the sun, warming the soil and plants growing directly beneath it. In fact even today glass is far superior than clear plastics at trapping the warmth from the sun and its weight ensures that it will not be blown away in strong winds.

However, long runs of tunnel or barn cloches have almost disappeared as the glass edges were sharp and gardeners are a more concerned about health and safety than they were 100 years ago! To fill this gap in the Kitchen Garden, Access have developed their own range of glass cloches with a modern take on the problem. Instead of horticultural glass with sharp edges, the cloches use 4mm toughened safety glass. This has polished edges for easy and safe handling and if the panel is broken it will shatter into small pieces like a car window.

Trickle ventilation system for garden clocheThe Access Cloche incorporates a unique ventilation system into each cloche, with a high level convection vent allowing warm air to escape on sunny days, drawing cooler air in though the slot at the base of each end. During the Winter, the bottom slot can be closed off by ramping up the earth.

To water or tend the plants inside the cloche the two roof lights will lift up or can be completely lifted out. In Summer the cloche can be left in place, keeping the soil warmer and providing some wind protection, while the top lights can be left off, allowing rain to water the crop and taller crops to grow out through the roof.

The framework of the cloche is manufactured from architectural aluminium and is bolted together using stainless steel nuts and bolts. The Cloche is available either in a plain aluminium finish, or powder coated in an Antique Ivory finish for a touch of class. The Garden Cloche comes with a 25 year guarantee, making it a long lasting investment for the vegetable patch.

The Cloche is British Made, manufactured in Northamptonshire, England.