Lean-to Mini greenhouse – so much better than plastic!

Lots of people purchase the zip-up plastic mini greenhouses from the supermarkets, but once these rip or blow away start they looking for something better!

You need look no further than the Access Lean to Mini greenhouse. Designed to last a lifetime the Value Mini greenhouse is manufactured in the UK from sturdy aluminium and toughened glass. By bolting the Mini greenhouse to the wall it will stay put in even the strongest winds, and the unique ventilation system minimises mould and disease problems.

Aluminium lean to mini greenhouse with plants inside

Unique Ventilation
Unique to the Access Mini greenhouse is our sliding door system which allows a very large ventilation area when the sun is shining and very gentle ventilation on cool days. In addition the sliding panels ensure there are no hinged doors to flap and bang in the wind. By contrast, most plastic greenhouses and small greenhouses struggle when the sun comes out, as their limited ventilation options make it difficult to keep the temperatures down inside.

In really hot weather the roof lights can be removed – ensuring the plants have wind protection while allowing the hot air to vent out of the top.

mini greenhouse against a wallFits to a wall or fence

The lean to mini greenhouse has no back to it, so it screws onto a wall or a sturdy fence. If it is fitted to a wall, then the wall acts like a storage heater – warming up in the daytime and giving the heat back off in the evening. As plants need warmth as well as light to grow, this extends the growing day in the early springtime.

The lean to mini greenhouse can be fitted to a sturdy fence – if the fence is rather draughty either fit a sheet of exterior ply between the fence and the greenhouse, or purchase a Growhouse with a glass back.

Toughened safety glass for durability and safety
All Value Mini greenhouses are supplied with 3mm toughened horticultural glass – the same type of glass traditionally fitted to greenhouses but toughened for extra strength and safety. The toughening process ensures that if the glass does break, it shatters into small pieces like a car window.

To quote the RHS “The best glazing material is glass, as it lets 90 percent of light through, does not degrade in sunlight and, unlike plastic materials, reflects heat radiated from within the glasshouse back into the structure instead of being lost.” It’s rigidity ensures that in high winds it will not blow out of the growhouse. It will also withstand 2′ 6″ (0.7m) of snow on the roof, making ideal for northern climates. Polycarbonate only lets 83% of light through and scratches more easily, further reducing light transmission. The hard surface on glass also makes cleaning easier, even after algae has been allowed to build up on the surface.

Architectural aluminium framework
The framework is manufactured from architectural aluminium, which is a mix of aluminium and other alloys such as magnesium and titanium. The frame needs no painting and is guaranteed for 25 years. All of the fixings are either aluminium or stainless steel.

Weatherproof Design
The framework is very strong and sturdy and is designed to withstand British winters. We sell a lot of units to customers in Scotland and the north Yorkshire moors.

There are no lifting roof lights on the mini greenhouse as these can catch in the wind. Instead the Access mini greenhouse has sliding roof lights to provide maximum ventilation.

Unique shelving system
The Value mini greenhouse comes with 4 sets of seed tray shelves (two sets in the half height mini greenhouse). The 4 shelves will hold 16 seed trays, but can also be used for small pots as well with the optional shelf covers. The seed tray shelves consist of slim aluminium bars to minimise shadowing.

Each shelf is height adjustable and can be removed or folded flat when no longer required. In the early Spring all the shelves can be up, holding seedlings and young plants. As these are transferred to the garden or allotment the shelves can be folded down and taller crops such as tomatoes and peppers can fill the lean to mini greenhouse.