2 degrees outside – 22 degrees inside

Last week I fitted a new ‘wireless’ max/min thermometer into the Mini greenhouse outside. I wanted to keep a close eye on things as I have got young Peppers, Chillies and Courgettes growing in there. The Mini greenhouse has an electric fan heater to provide frost protection, but the power of the ‘greenhouse’ effect really came home to me as I kept an eye on the temperature inside.

Last week we has some bright sunny days, but with the very late Spring we are having, the outside temperature was still hovering around freezing. Inside the Mini greenhouse, however, it was a different story – the temperature had climbed to a balmy 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees F). The morning sunshine, directly on the greenhouse was warming the air inside – and keeping it there. For the young Peppers, light and warmth is what they need to really get growing – many people forget that the rate of Photosynthesis slows down as temperatures drop, so the plants really do need light and warmth to thrive.

With temperatures inside the mini greenhouse on the rise, it is important to ensure everything is properly watered. I try and water while the sun is still on the greenhouse, as it gives the greenhouse a chance to warm up again after watering. Opening the doors might seem as though all that nice warm air is being wasted, but it does ensure the stale air is replaced, reducing disease problems.

In a week or so, as the sun’s power increases, I will start opening the sliding doors just a fraction to ensure temperatures to not become to warm, and also to ensure fresh air keeps the disease problems away.