Monthly Archives: March 2013

2 degrees outside – 22 degrees inside

Last week I fitted a new ‘wireless’ max/min thermometer into the Mini greenhouse outside. I wanted to keep a close eye on things as I have got young Peppers, Chillies and Courgettes growing in there. The Mini greenhouse has an electric fan heater to provide frost protection, but the power of the ‘greenhouse’ effect really came home […]

Durable Aluminium Framework

All Access Mini greenhouses and Cold Frames are manufactured in the UK using extrusions manufactured from architectural grade aluminium (6063-T6). Architectural aluminium is not pure aluminium but is a stronger and more durable alloy, typically used in buildings where a long life is required. The aluminium has Magnesium, Silicon and small amounts of Titanium, Copper […]

7 Unique Benefits of the Access Cold Frame

The Access Cold Frame has a wide variety of uses: bringing on early vegetables; hardening off young plants and providing protection for plants such as Alpines. Access Cold Frames have a number of unique benefits. Easy Access The company was named ‘Access’ in 1958 as the Cold Frames  have a unique sliding panel arrangement which […]