Snow problem

mini greenhouse in the snowAlthough the recent snow we had in the Midlands is nothing like the depths of snow regularly seen in the North of England and Scotland, this photo shows just how snug the plants are inside the Mini greenhouse.

By using toughened safety glass, which is very strong and rigid, we can be confident that the Mini greenhouses and Cold Frames will handle heavy snow falls. In fact the Cold Frames, which have a  large roof area, are designed to handle 2′ 6″ of snow on the roof. If you get more snow than this, brush some off as snow is very heavy.

In contrast, plastic covered Cold Frames will bend and bow under snow, with plastic panels falling into the structure and demolishing the plants inside.

By snugly protecting the plants from the elements, early planting can get off to a flying start whatever the weather throws at them. Once the weather does warm up, the sliding door panels provide infinitely variable ventilation, ensuring the plants do not overheat.