Small greenhouse – ideal for narrow passageways

The Westminster range of small greenhouses is designed to fit into the smallest of spaces, making it the ideal small greenhouse for city gardens.

woman standing by small greenhouse

Ultra narrow design
The Westminster models are just 330mm (13″) deep – not much deeper than a standard seed tray. The units are 1.00m (3′ 4″) long, but we do offer a bespoke service if this length is too large for the available space, so they really are designed to fit into even the smallest of spaces!

Unique ventilation
With such a small volume the greenhouse will warm up quickly on the sun, making ventilation vitally important. The two glass doors on each level slide, making access and also ventilation really easy – on a cool spring day the doors can be left open just a couple of centimeters, while on a hot summer’s day the doors can be wide open and the roof panels can either be slid open or completely removed.

Wall fixings included
The Westminster small greenhouse is designed to be fitted to a wall. A brick or concrete wall will absorb heat during the daytime and give that heat back off during the evening. As plants need warmth and light to grow it makes the growing day longer in the early Spring.

The Westminster can also be fitted to a sturdy fence, or we can supply a glass back to make it a free-standing model, but due to it’s narrow depth this is only suitable if the unit is securely bolted down and is in a sheltered location.

Toughened safety glass for durability and safety
Our small greenhouses are supplied with 4mm toughened safety glass – the same thickness as glass fitted to double glazed windows. The toughening process makes the glass stronger and also ensures that if it does break, it shatters into small pieces like a car window.

To quote the RHS “The best glazing material is glass, as it lets 90 percent of light through, does not degrade in sunlight and, unlike plastic materials, reflects heat radiated from within the glasshouse back into the structure instead of being lost.” It’s rigidity ensures that in high winds it will not blow out of the growhouse. It will also withstand 3′ (0.9m) of snow on the roof, making ideal for northern climates.

By contrast, polycarbonate only lets 83% of light through and scratches more easily, further reducing light transmission. The hard surface on glass also makes cleaning easier, even after algae has been allowed to build up on the surface.

Architectural aluminium framework
The framework is manufactured from architectural aluminium, which is a mix of aluminium and other alloys such as magnesium and titanium. The frame needs no painting and is guaranteed for 25 years. All of the fixings are either aluminium or stainless steel.

In addition the aluminium can be powder coated one of 6 attractive colours. To ensure the coating lasts as long as possible all components are degreased and etched before being the powder is sprayed on and baked in an oven. The resulting surface is smooth, making it easier to clean, and very hard wearing.

Weatherproof design
These small greenhouses, unlike their plastic counterparts, are designed to withstand gales and heavy snow. The aluminium sections are very strong and once bolted to the wall and the ground will not move anywhere, even on exposed coastal locations. Once the toughened glass doors are closed there is nothing for the wind to catch – no lift-up tops to bang and no plastic covers to flap.

Unique shelving system
With such a small greenhouse it is important to make the most of the space, and the unique Access shelving system does just that. Each shelf consists of slim aluminium bars to support the seed tray. The bars are designed to minimise shading of the plants below.

Each shelf is height adjustable, with a series of holes in the back leg allowing the shelf to be moved up and down. When not required the shelves can either be dropped flat against the back wall, or removed completely.

Video coming soon!