Monthly Archives: May 2012

Whose Been Eating My Plants?

You go to all the trouble of buying seeds, sowing them in the right compost at the right temperature and give them your love and attention for months and then….. Something starts nibbling the leaves.  You can’t see it, but it’s plainly there! And sometimes, it’s too late and your beautiful baby plants has been […]

I’ve Got chillie Chillies!

The rain has slowed down and we now have gusty winds with a chill attached to them. I visited a garden centre yesterday and was horrified to see their chilli plants at least 12” high!  Mine are struggling to get to 4”.  I think it must be because mine are cold and have stopped thinking […]

A look around my garden

A look around my garden including the ‘dodgy’ corner that every garden has!

Update – Chinese Lanterns

My little seedlings are still alive! Always a good sign, when gardening. There is little hope once they are died. I have been given two pieces of advice when sowing and potting on seedlings. 1. The roots compete for the space so place them individually or else you could lose the lot. 2. The stronger […]

Anne discussing Chinese Lanterns

Comparing seedling growth with and without a Cloche

See just how much difference a Cloche makes to early Spring planting with this video from Anne’s Garden.