It’s February already!

I’ve plugged in my heated propagator and read my seed packets and it’s time to get cracking!

I have treated my seeds to some ‘J Arthur Bowers’ seed and cutting compost.  £3.99 for 10 litres.

I am also trying some ‘fibre pot strips’ which are like little plugs that each seed grows into and it prevents you having to prick them out later on.  I think life if too short for pricking seedlings out!

These fibre strips came in a pack of 36 for £2.79 To separate them from each other reminded me of trying to separate a pack of ice cream cones.  You need a certain amount of force matched with the gentleness of a whisper, otherwise you end up with a pile of biscuit and no cone! Patience is a thing I’m trying to have this year.

I fitted 15 plugs into one tray with a lid that sits on the heated tray.

I have planted:

  • Sweet Pepper Lany – a small squat pepper that is nice filled with cream cheese and drizzled with olive oil.
  • Pepper – Joes Long – a very long hot chilli that looks impressive.
  • Pepper – Hungarian Wax, I saw these at Ryton Organic Garden and liked the look of them.
  • Sweet Pepper Doux Long des Landes, again, Ryton Organic Gardens had them on display.
  • Hot Pepper Habanero – a popular chilli for lots of recipes.

This year, I have decided that for me, time is tight and I have to grow food that I like to eat and also, after discussing with many Access customers and being in agreement with many, the cold frame has to ‘look nice’ as well as be functional.

Therefore, I have decided not to grow things that can get too big; for me that is tomatoes.  Instead I will dedicate my attention to growing masses of chilli plants.

I have a ‘chilli jam recipe’ that has got all our friends talking.  I’m going to give you this recipe, so that you too can grown your chillis to ensure a huge harvest of these beautiful hot fruits later in the year.