Alpine Frames for RHS Harlow Carr

To provide additional space for their Alpine collection, Access have supplied a number of 8′ x ‘4 and 6′ x 4’ Cold Frames complete with louvre vents for extra ventilation.

The sturdy Cold Frames are very popular amongst Alpine growers as their siding glass panels provide excellent ventilation of the Cold Frame, whilst keeping the worst of the weather out of the frame. The strong aluminium structure is designed to cope with several feet of snow on the roof – essential for the weather conditions in Harrogate.

As standard the louvre vents ventilate 1/2 of the end of the frame, but for Harlow Carr double units were installed into each end, filling the entire end section. This allowed a permanent through-flow of air even during windy and rainy conditions.

For ease of use, Harlow Carr built a brick plinth for each frame. The frames were secured down to the plinths to prevent movement during high winds.