Getting going

I was given a garden centre voucher, which was lovely and enabled me to treat myself to something that I wouldn’t normally buy.  A ‘Burgen and Ball’ seed measuring stick!  It cost almost £20 which is a treat indeed.

Because I have decided to sow in rows of 4’ this year instead of square feet, I thought it would be handy to measure out the seeds correctly.  A girlie excuse I can hear some men saying!

I used my plastic cover over the cloches to warm up the wooden raised bed ready for sowing.  When I lifted the cover on a warm March morning the warmth drifted out into the chilly morning air.  I was so glad I had got this cover to use.

I decided to sow some spinach next to the Asparagus.  Using the stick as a guide it said to space the spinach 6” apart.  I check the packet of seeds and was pleased to see that the packet said the same.  Saving any confusion on my part.  I sowed three seeds in the row.  This didn’t sound like very many I thought, but plan to sow a couple more rows at 2 weekly intervals spreading the cropping season.

At the other end of the raised bed, next to the hoops used for the net cover I decided to sow ‘Sugar Snap Peas’ called ‘Sugar Ann’.

I had grown them last year and they were lovely.  This time the stick and packet said 2” apart.  Again, I will sow more of these in a couple of weeks time.