I’ve been a lazy gardener!

After a long winter and not venturing into the garden very much, I have found it hard this year to get myself motivated again.  Does that sound familiar?

But once the sun came out and Mark mowed the lawn, I could smell spring in the air and I got up from my comfy chair and look at the ‘Marshall’s catalogue’ for inspiration.

With the raised beds weeded and the sun shining into my mini greenhouses warming them up, I decided to ‘get cracking’ again.

I’ve decided this year to have colour and to grow what I like to eat.  It’s ok having 10 tons of courgettes if you intend to eat 10 tons, but I don’t.  After one or two, I’ve had enough of them.

So this year I am growing more chillies, sugar snap peas, dwarf beans and lots and lots of different salads.

Asparagus is another plan to try and I’ll get back to you on that one in a few days.  I’m wondering if I have already made a mistake there – but time will tell.

So, I hope you will come on my journey with me this year, it was lovely to have so many of you making comments last year.  My Brother Simon, I’m sure will be making me laugh along the way.

Happy gardening.