All grown up and ready to pick….

I think I must be the only person alive who prefers the watching and waiting and tidiness of young plants and seedlings to the grown up ready to pick stage.

I know this is what it’s all about, picking and eating, which is lovely.  But I can’t wait now to cut down the tomato plants and put my middle staging and shelves back into the mini greenhouse and get it all looking tidy again!

It has been maximum picking recently, although I do still have a huge amount of green tomatoes.  I have heard that I have to shock them into turning red.  Give them a fright!  Has anyone got any tips on turning green tomatoes red?

I don’t think showing them a scary film is the answer. More make them think they will never see water ever again!

But I don’t want to stop watering them if I ruin the crop.  I little book reading is in order I think.

I have some very strange looking courgettes that are like a little yellow bun.  I added them to some stir fry veg and it was lovely.

I have been reading up on pickles and chutneys, which I love to make in the latter parts of summer, so I will share some of them with you.  I have decided to include chilli in almost everything this year, as I’m hoping for a bumper crop.

I’ll include some photos of what’s being picked and what coming on.

Happy gardening this week.