Picked my first tomatoes…

So exciting and the smell of them was fantastic when I opened the mini greenhouse door…

It’s a smell from my childhood when I helped water my Dad’s tomatoes.

Not all of them are ready, I have a fantastic display of green ones all different shapes and sizes. The ones I have picked are called ‘sweet million’ a cherry sized tomato. They are in full sun in the mini greenhouse on top of the raised bed. I will definitely grown them in the frame again next year.

The chillies are at last starting to grow. They have been very very slow, to the point that I was giving up on them and bought some bigger ones from the garden centre. Maybe the smaller ones felt a bit intimidated by the newer, bigger arrivals!

~Weather very changeable at the moment, a sure sign the kids have broken up, feeling very thankful I have the mini greenhouses to provide consistent warmth and protection.

Happy gardening this week.