New Potatoes – first crop harvested

Since I last wrote to you all, lots has happened. Chelsea Flower Show was fabulous. I chatted to some lovely people, who gave me some very interesting information. Have you heard of ‘permaculture’? Neither had I! I will come back to you on that one, as apparently, the Access Garden Frames are a perfect example of permaculture design.

Yesterday, we dug up our first new potatoes. I cooked a roast chicken, and cooked the potatoes in water with fresh mint infusing. They were fantastic. So much nicer than shop bought spuds.

But we had a party last weekend for my Son’s 18th birthday. So many of our relatives who hadn’t been to visit for a while commented on how good the garden is looking – especially the raised beds. I got a kick out of taking them round, picking a sugar snap pea and giving it to them to try. They taste so sweet and crunchy when you pick your food and eat it immediately. The pleasure of just looking around and seeing everything growing is enormous.

Please leave a comment for me on how your garden is doing and what you have picked. I love to hear from anyone that visits the blog.

Enjoy your garden.