The week before Chelsea Flower Show.

To say I’m looking forward to Chelsea Flower show would be an under statement! I am looking forward to seeing the show gardens and people watching, not to mention talking to lots and lots of people showing them the mini greenhouses and raised beds that I’m using to grow my vegetables on the Access Garden Products stand. They are long days, but it gets so busy that the time flies.

Talking of time flying, this week has run away with me. Busy at work and with things happening at home too. The plants have been busy too! They are growing at a pace. We have taken some photos to show you.

The tomatoes are up to my knees in the grow bags in the mini greenhouse. The leeks that I transplanted are very happy to be the raised bed and are looking bigger and stronger by the day. The sugar snap peas have found the netting that I have covered over the hoop that keeps the net cover up and they are away. I am about to plant my melon plants. The broad beans that I planted last October have flowers on.

I’m looking forward to a favourite child hood dinner during the 1970’s which was grilled bacon, new potatoes and broad beans. My Mum then drizzled a little of the bacon fat over the potatoes! Not good for you I know, but it tasted delicious. My sister in law told me she had this for dinner too as a child, so how many others did I wonder. If you have never tried it, let’s bring it back onto peoples plates in 2010!

We have planted out the Globe Artichokes – which looked very limp when they were moved. I can hear my Mum saying ‘they have two choices to live or die’. So all I can do is water them and hope for the best. But I am just taking it all in at the moment, feeling very pleased to see it all growing as I walk around with my cup of coffee.

I have to think about the next step in what I want to grow in the beds once some things have finished. Herbs are one thing and I have sowed some more kale for the autumn. Pumpkins are really growing and need to be planted as are the courgette. All jobs for this weekend I think. The weather looks to be improving and I hope all frost has passed now. Just the volcanic clouds to keep an eye on now!

Have a good week in your garden and send me any advice you can.