Monthly Archives: April 2010

One small step for an experienced gardener

Do you remember all those months I wrote all kinds of things on this blog whilst it snowed and snowed?  Well for the last 10 days, it’s been sun sun sun!  So very lovely and my seedlings are looking like plants! I fit this gardening lark into pockets of time in between what is becoming […]


I just love being British!  As soon as the sun comes out, we’re out there in it!  Sitting in it and barbequing in it, just in case it doesn’t last long. The garden is paying back our efforts ten fold, looking so lovely.  My peonie which I mentioned purchasing at considerable cost is in bud!  […]

Help the Bees…

I have just heard on the BBC radio 2 news that bee hives are now exhausted of honey due to the long cold winter. We have been asked not to mow our lawns yet and especially not to cut down or remove Dandelions as they are a sourse of nectar to the bees at this […]

Excuse me, do you work here?

My kids sometimes don’t come out with me anymore as I will talk to anyone. I’ve developed a hobby now that entails visiting garden centres that sell ready to plant veg to compare how my young seedlings are doing. At our local garden centre the other day, I was comparing my little baby leek seedlings […]

I want instant results!

This is one of my worst failings!  Now that the sun is shining, the mini greenhouses are as warm as toast and I’ve trays and trays of seeds in compost and vermiculite – I want to see them sprouting.  This is a good lesson in life for me.  Some things take time and they are […]

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a day I had promised to myself as the day to sow more seeds and tidy up the garden – along with enjoying being with my family and friends. Mark had decided to scarify the lawn, (for those who don’t know about this strange pass time, you rake the lawn to remove […]

A Good Friday allotment rule – apparently.

I have had a text from my friend Tess to say that allotment growers always plant their chitted potatoes on Good Friday. I don’t know if this is true, but it motivated me to plant my ‘Rocket’ potatoes in the raised bed with the polythene cover over it. My favourite film of all time is […]