In loving memory of Irene.

I wrote on my blog about the sad loss of my lovely Mother in law, Irene a while ago.

She loved her garden and I used to spend many a happy time with her discussing what we were both growing – or trying to!

Last spring over a coffee and chat, she had said she would dig up some blue bells that had spread in her garden that she wanted me to have. I have a very cool shady side to my garden and they grow lovely there. But because they had gone over, she said she would dig them up next year – when we knew where they were!

Sadly she died in January, but today Mark has been clearing the house with his family and bringing home things that mean something to us. So today, I have 2 huge bags of sprouting blue bells that will be a constant reminder to me every year of the lovely lady I called ‘Mum’. This is a sad thing to do, but she would be pleased that they will be enjoyed in our garden from now on.