Monthly Archives: March 2010

In loving memory of Irene.

I wrote on my blog about the sad loss of my lovely Mother in law, Irene a while ago. She loved her garden and I used to spend many a happy time with her discussing what we were both growing – or trying to! Last spring over a coffee and chat, she had said she […]

Spring forward into spring.

Have you, like me waited patiently for today when the clocks spring forward and we can officially think of spring and summer and be glad that we survived what turned out to be a very long and hard winter? I have just wandered around my garden taking stock of what has survived and what didn’t […]

Enjoying my own company and bacon sandwiches.

I’ve been by myself all day.  I have found a lovely café called ‘Fat Birds.’ It’s a really friendly place to enjoy a coffee.  Today, whilst there, I had the best bacon sandwich I have ever tasted!  It was lovely to sit in the window and watch the world go by for a short while whilst […]

Garlic and onion sets

It’s been all hands on deck and work this week and I feel like I’ve been living there more than at home.  Working nights has been a new experience for me.  Not something I’d like to make a habit of though. Having said that, I’ve been loving popping out to check the progress of my […]

Gardening, drinking tea and eating cake

Monday was a lovely warm sunny spring day.  I had the day off and the garden was calling me. I have the pleasure of working along side a company that is the worlds largest grower of Aloe Vera and I have a client base of some of the lovliest, kindest people I have ever met. […]

Lemon Cake

This is the easiest and most delicious cake I have ever made.  I have given them as presents when they are still warm and then it tastes like lemon pancakes! Oven temp 180°C 1 round cake tin with a greased proof paper insert in it. (You can get them from Lakeland on line). Weigh 3 […]

Making eco friendly paper plant pots

I have been given a paper plant pot maker which in itself looks like a lovely wooden ornament that would complement any self respecting potting shed. On a cold frosty evening, I sat with my youngest daughter Amelia and set to – following the very simple ‘childs play’ instructions and made some plant pots. Of […]

No point crying over spilt milk or missing potatoes

Every morning I walk through to the kitchen sleepy eyed and open the blind and check out my chitting potatoes.  I had put them on a low table by the patio door.  It’s nice and light there, not too hot and as we aren’t opening the doors at the moment, so they aren’t in the […]