Wet weather and wind!

Is there any pleasure in going in the garden when it’s throwing it down with rain?

Well no, not to me, but wind – that’s another matter! I love windy weather. There is something so refreshing about walking the dogs being blown about by something you can’t see! I love it.

So I have been thinking and reading whilst it’s been raining.

I have strung the raised bed with the frame on top into the 12” squares. I popped round to Access Garden Products and noticed they had already put all their pots of strawberrys into their frame for the winter, so I did mine when I arrived home. But a couple of them I decided to plant into the frame as Matthew said that the frames were used for strawberries originally. I have experimented by planting the runners from the mother plant into the next 12” square. I also had some cuttings of rosemary I had potted up, and I wondered if they would be happy in the frame, and maybe keep pests that don’t like rosemary away! I don’t know. This is the novice bit of me having a go.

Being the impatient type I noticed in the Marshall’s catalogue a section on Micro-leaf vegetables. They say they need to be harvested at a very young tender stage in the growing process, usually at cotyledon or first true leaf stage. Now, I have grown sprouting seeds in the past. I grew them in a jam jar. Sprouting seeds are high in nutrients and are classed like a ‘power food’. So these caught my eye.

Marshall’s say they are full of nutrients and are very attractive. They are easy to grow – I’m interested! And they are ready to eat in 7 – 14 days. They could be a garnish with my lettuce on Christmas Day!

I have chosen Broccoli because this packet said they are super nutritious green sprouts containing high levels of anti-cancer chemicals. A subject very close to my heart. I know free radical damage is a large contributor to Cancer, so order I did.

Tomorrow is supposed to be windy and hopefully dry, so I am going out to plant the other onions sets – white ones this time and tidy the rest of the garden up a bit. I will sow these nutritious little Broccoli and report back to you.