Monthly Archives: November 2009

Mini battles in our heads

Since starting this project I have had the pleasure of some fascinating conversations with people who know lots more than me about gardening and growing things. My Dad was a keen gardener who loved growing lilies. His garden is now my garden and I really wish now that I had listened to him more when […]

Getting some dirt under my nails

I have the morning to myself and after walking the dogs, I decided this was my time to get in the garden and make it look pretty. This of course really means weeding, putting old plant pots away and clearing up the horrible mess that dogs leave. But it’s all necessary. So I had my […]

Wet weather and wind!

Is there any pleasure in going in the garden when it’s throwing it down with rain? Well no, not to me, but wind – that’s another matter! I love windy weather. There is something so refreshing about walking the dogs being blown about by something you can’t see! I love it. So I have been […]

Planting up the Strawberries – and a recipe!

I have removed the glass from the Cold Frame and taken off the frame to hammer in my copper nails and mark out the 12” squares ready for planting. It was easy to do and Katie and I could lift it on and off no problem. I have sprinkled some chicken pellets manure in and […]

I actually made it to the Garden Centre!

Delighted to find that I have a day off today. The kids have homework and want to chill, so I went with my lovely friend Julie to ‘Blooms’ near Rugby. It’s a huge garden centre and I think they have branches all over the country. Today, it wasn’t so much a garden centre and Santa’s […]

A Poem!

GROW YOUR OWN VEG Would you like to grown some veg In our raised beds this year? But, I don’t know much about that We know – that’s what we hear! We want a novice gardener Who’s keen to have a go We think you’ll have some disasters But something’s bound to grow. So we’ll […]

Bonfire Night

I only had about an hour today to get some more done. I wanted to get the level of soil down a bit in the raised bed with the Cold Frame on top. Mark was desperate to fill them as much as possible because we had so much soil. But I have to put the […]

Planting up 2 of the beds

It threw it down all morning and then at 2pm the rain stopped and there was some blue in the sky. My daughter Katie offered to help me. First, we sprinkled a couple of ice-cream from the cinema size tubs of organic chicken manure onto the bed and hoed it in. I bought this from […]