Monthly Archives: October 2009

The seeds arrived!

I waited almost 3 weeks for this day. Not too impressed but don’t know who with. Was it Marshall’s or the post office? Never mind, they are here now. I’m off work tomorrow, but the weather forecast is truly awful in the morning. Let’s hope the afternoon clears and I can get cracking.

Filling the raised beds.

It’s 8:10 am. I’ve dug out the base of the beds to help the two soils to mix and to help with drainage. As you know, the beds have been placed where it was previously lawn. So the base is quite compacted. I watched a programme recently and saw someone putting cardboard in the base […]

The soil arrived

There’s tons of the stuff and it all has to be shifted to the back. I’m at work that day! Mark….

Ordering the soil

Mark measured the beds. They equal 80 cubit feet… whatever that means in metric I can hear someone asking me when I phone the soil company. I just thanked Mark and decided to not look daft by asking what that was in English. What a hard decision choosing soil is! I took the advice of […]

Building the raised beds-well Mark actually!

[wpvideo Hdv76XXs]I set up the time lapse video. It is a bright sunny morning which makes you feel better straight away doesn’t it? I envisaged trying to tie an umbrella to the tripod holding the video. This will show how much I delegate. This was Mark’s day, with me making the occasional coffee and watching! […]

Making the Video

Matthew from Access Garden Products called to say he wants to film the first part of the video. We hope to video my progress through the year – talk about being out of my comfort zone! It felt very strange to be filmed. Matthew texted me earlier to say he was bringing a script! I […]

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the Access blog, where you can find all sorts of hints and tips about gardening with the Access range of Mini greenhouse, Cold frames and Raised Beds. We do hope that you will find our blog a useful source of information – and even inspiration! In part, our blog was inspired by all […]